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2021/2022 Winter Season opens November 25, 2021
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Last updated: Friday, October 8, 2021
This page will be updated as information becomes available.


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August 23, 2021 - British Columbia launches proof of vaccination to stop spread of COVID-19 – Read more at

We have had multiple inquiries about what proof of vaccination/vaccine passport means for our staff and our guests. Big White Ski Resort Ltd and its associated companies will be following all mandates and guidelines as handed down from Federal, Provincial and Regional Authorities. I would remind everyone that the “rules” four weeks ago were very different from the “rules” outlined today. No masks, no travel advisories and almost no cases of the delta variant of COVID19. Now the landscape has changed as the delta variant sweeps the province with the unvaccinated making up the vast majority of infections and hospitalizations. We are committed to offering the most normal season that we can. We have been since we closed early in March 2020. It is our number one priority to get back to a season where the old normal prior to 2020 is the new normal.

So what does yesterday’s announcement mean for the staff, guests, and residents of Big White Ski Resort? Please read the outline from the BC government:

According to this outline, skiing, snowboarding and other outdoor activities will not require proof of vaccination. However, wearing a mask is still recommended when physically distancing of at least 2 meters cannot be maintained in an outdoor setting. Restaurants with sit down table service do require proof of vaccination for anyone over the age of 12. Cafeterias and quick service cafeterias (licensed and unlicensed) in daylodges are not subject to proof of vaccination. Retail services and public washrooms in daylodges also do not require proof of vaccination. Privately owned resort restaurants may check for proof of vaccination at the door entry or table. It is the businesses choice. - more details available here.

If you are worried about your season of skiing and riding in the great outdoors then we encourage you to do your part and be vaccinated. Work with us to make Big White a safe place to work and a safe place to enjoy the best of BC in winter! We have been through two seasons where we have been forced to close early. We don’t want a third.

Thanks everyone for taking the time and reading this. Thank you from all of us at Big White for all the support that has been shown. I am sure there will be more updates in the near future.

Peter Plimmer
Big White Ski Resort LTD.

The health measures introduced to the Interior Health region on August 20, 2021 include: 

  • Mandatory masks for indoor, public spaces for those over 12
  • Outdoor personal gatherings limited to 50 people
  • Indoor personal gatherings limited to five people, or one other household
  • Indoor seated organized gatherings limited to 50 people, with COVID safety plan
  • Outdoor organized gatherings limited to 50 people, with COVID safety plan
  • High-intensity indoor group fitness classes suspended
  • Non-essential travel into and out of the Interior strongly discouraged
  • See complete Interior Health press release here

These Policies are subject to change due to recommendations and best practices within the industry and as mandated by local, provincial and federal government bodies. As a resort we are working towards certainty and have to plan that this will be extended well in to the upcoming winter season.

Touchless Day Tickets

Tickets are only available online. When you purchase an online day ticket, you automatically save 25% off the retail price of the day (Pricing shown with discount when purchasing) Day ticket pricing is adjusted for mid-week, weekends, and peak periods. These tickets must be collected by scanning your QR Code at one of 15 pick-up ticket boxes located around the resort.

Please have a valid lift ticket before you rent. Visit the rental section for more information.


See below for list of our COVID-19 safety plan.

Big White Covid-19 protocols infographic
Big White Covid-19 protocols infographic

Arrival at the Resort

On weekends and during peak periods you will be greeted by a parking attendant guiding you to an appropriate place to park.
We have ensured that:
  • Hand washing and sanitization stations are available throughout the resort.
  • Regular sanitization of surfaces takes place and have increased daily sanitization protocols.
  • Plexiglass partitions have been installed at all counters where customers and staff interact.
  • All staff have been equipped with and will be wearing a mask or face covering.
  • Mask dispensers are available throughout the resort in various locations
We ask that you please:
  • All persons 12 years of age and older must wear a mask or face covering in all lift lines, loading and unloading the lifts, and in all indoor spaces.
  • Wash or sanitize your hands often.
  • Practice physical distancing of a minimum '2m (6ft).
  • Wear a mask or face covering in all lift lines, loading and unloading the lifts, and in all indoor spaces.
  • We require both the mouth and nose to be fully covered. Any mask with ventilation holes, gaps or opening in them would not be appropriate. Full face helmets with ventilation holes are also not permitted. If you can see your breath, your face covering isn't appropriate.
  • View the BC Centre for Disease Control's guidelines on masks, here.
  • Face coverings are required for all activities: Horse Sleigh, Dog Sled, Snowmobile and Fat Bike.

Accessing Day Lodges

  • Accessing restaurants with sit down table service inside day lodges will require proof of vaccination for anyone over the age of 12 in accordance with Provincial Health Order. Learn more here -
  • Cafeterias and quick service cafeterias (licensed and unlicensed) in daylodges are not subject to proof of vaccination. Retail services and public washrooms in daylodges also do not require proof of vaccination.
  • Automatic sliding doors have been installed where possible to reduce contact points.
  • Touchless taps have been installed in all public washrooms.
  • All washroom facilities have handicap stalls with footpulls in addition to the existing handles.
  • Plexiglass partitions have been installed in all day lodges.
  • Outdoor washroom facilities have been installed at Gem Lake, Happy Valley and in the Village Centre to reduce traffic in day lodges.

Outdoor Operations

  • Appropriate signage, flags, and stickers have been installed to remind everyone of physical distancing and to promote efficient flow in high traffic areas.

Access to ski runs and lifts

  • All staff and guests must wear an appropriate face covering in lift lines, loading and unloading the lifts.
  • Guests arriving at the lift in groups can ride the lift with their bubble.
  • Singles will enter the lift through the main lift corral.
  • Singles are welcome to ride alone or with one other single at the opposite end of the chair. No guest will be required to ride with a stranger.
  • The gondola is sanitized with a Health Canada approved disinfectant - more details.
  • TELUS Park will run as usual. Only sanctioned, authorized events will be permitted.
  • All lifts with the exception of the Falcon Chair are scheduled to run each day. The Falcon will be closed mid-week.

Ski Patrol

  • The Ski Patrol team treats trauma patients ONLY. Sick people do not fall into this category and will be directed to a walk in medical clinic.
  • Guests will be asked to wear masks before being treated by ski patrol, and will be taken direct to their on-hill accommodations, private vehicle, clinic, or an ambulance to reduce traffic through the patrol hut.
  • Patrol hut doors will be equipped with doorbells and guests let in as necessary.


  • The rental shop has been reconfigured to promote physical distancing and limit contact between staff and guests wherever possible.
  • All rentals will be distributed through the Village Centre Mall location. The Happy Valley and Kids Centre locations will remain closed for rentals.
  • Pre-purchasing will require you to have a day ticket or season pass.
  • The rental shop will now feature a touchless laser boot measuring system to help decrease the number of touch points of the rental process and ensure the perfect fit.
  • Due to covid-19 the rental of winter clothing has been suspended.
  • We invite you to visit our retail outlets Altitude or The Rider, located in the Village Centre Mall for a fantastic selection of outdoor clothing.

Ski School

  • The Ski & Board School desk has been relocated to the Kids Centre.
  • Pre registration is required for all lessons.
  • View our lesson programs here >>
  • Kids Centre will be open for emergency children services only such as washroom use and warming.


  • Retail services and public washrooms in daylodges also do not require proof of vaccination.
  • We are reviewing and monitoring the Canadian Retail Council on safe operating procedures for all of our retail locations.
  • Hours of operation will reflect Village Centre Mall Hours.
  • Hand sanitization stations will be located at the front of each shop – we ask you sanitize before coming in to the stores.
  • Both Guests and Staff are required to wear a mask at all times in the store.
  • There will be a limited occupancy capacity outlined to promote physical distancing.
  • Products that come in close proximity to your face will be quarantined off the shelf for a period of 24 hours.
  • Dizzy’s has been fitted with automated doors and all other locations will continue to have open doors during business hours.
  • Dizzy’s bootfitting is by appointment.

Activities Desk

  • Online bookings now available - 2021/2022 schedules coming September 2021 
  • We have appointed more staff to the call centre to assist with online/phone bookings.
  • Some activities have reduced capacity, and limited reservation numbers to maintain physical distancing.
  • Face coverings are required for all activities: Horse Sleigh, Dog Sled, Snowmobile and Ice Tower  


  • Accessing restaurants with sit down table service inside day lodges will require proof of vaccination for anyone over the age of 12 in accordance with Provincial Health Order. Learn more here -
  • Cafeterias and quick service cafeterias (licensed and unlicensed) in daylodges are not subject to proof of vaccination. Retail services and public washrooms in daylodges also do not require proof of vaccination.
  • Our Food & Beverage Management Team is all COVID-Safe Certified.
  • Reduced indoor capacity and increased outdoor seating and service where possible.
  • Online ordering and payment system implemented in day lodges to reduce line ups.
  • Increased options for takeaway and ‘assemble-at-home’ meal kits.
  • Staggered start times for all employees to ensure physical distancing requirements are met.
  • All employees are subject to a touch less temperature check and must sign a declaration of health before starting their shift.
  • All staff will be required to wash their hands every 15 minutes, and must sanitize their hands between servicing new guests.
  • Mandatory face masks for all employees while on shift.
  • All Big White Food and Beverage outlets have a strict and thorough 30 minute disinfection routine for all high touch point areas.
  • One way traffic is incorporated where possible to help promote the safety of our guests and staff.
  • We have installed plexi glass anywhere where physical distancing cannot be maintained.
  • All washrooms are on a strict 30 minute disinfection schedule.
  • Working closely with industry hygiene suppliers to ensure we are using the most advanced and fastest acting disinfecting products which are Health Canada approved.
  • We have incorporated strict external delivery protocols to ensure contact points are limited and sanitation plans are in effect.

Accommodations with Big White Central Reservations

Booking Accommodations

We’ve got you covered with our Flexible Cancellation Policies! Providing you with Peace of Mind when booking with Big White Central Reservations. Learn more.

Flexible Cancellation Policies for your Peace of Mind:

Up to August 1, 2021, your deposit is refundable for any reason.

From August 1, 2021 until 30 days prior to arrival - the deposit is non-refundable

Exception for all fully vaccinated guests*, your deposit is refundable (less a $100 non-refundable service fee) should government travel restrictions, border closures or quarantine requirements be in place which prevent you from travelling to Big White Ski Resort.

*For all eligible guests.

Big White Central Reservations Booking & Cancellation Policies

Keeping Up with the Changes: As the world situation evolves, we will evolve too, all policies are constantly being reviewed and will be updated and extended if and when needed, we've got you covered!

Big White Central Reservations Best Practices

Our Commitment to Cleanliness

We take standards for hygiene and cleanliness very seriously and are taking additional steps to ensure the safety of our guests and team members. Our resort is continuing to ensure that we meet the latest guidelines on hygiene and cleaning. Our health and safety measures include everything from handwashing hygiene and cleaning product specifications to guest room and common area cleaning procedures.

Staff Health, Safety and Knowledge

Resort staff and their own health, safety and knowledge are essential to an effective cleaning program. Here are some ways we’re supporting them:

  • Hand Hygiene: Proper and frequent handwashing is vital to help combat the spread of viruses. In our daily meetings, our teams are reminded that cleanliness starts with this simple act. It’s important for their health and that of our guests.
  • Masks: Effective August 20, 2021 and until further notice. Mask wearing for people 12 years and older is mandatory when entering all public spaces, resort buildings, or when outdoor physical distancing is not able to be maintained.
  • Ongoing Training: In addition to training on housekeeping and hygiene protocols, staff are also completing enhanced COVID-19 awareness training.
  • Stay Home: Staff are instructed to stay home if they have any signs of illness, no matter how mild.

Cleaning Products and Protocols

Our resort uses cleaning products and protocols which are effective against viruses, including:

  • Guest Rooms: Hotels use cleaning and disinfecting protocols to clean rooms after guests depart and before the next guest arrives, with particular attention paid to high-touch items.
  • Public Spaces: The resort has increased the frequency of cleaning and disinfecting in public spaces, with a focus on the counter at the front desk, elevators and elevator buttons, door handles, public bathrooms and even room keys.
  • Back of House: In the spaces “behind the scenes,” we are increasing the frequency of cleaning and focusing on high-touch areas like entrances, locker rooms, laundry rooms and offices.

Our Care Commitment

Big White Central Reservations hopes our enhanced policies, protocols and procedures will show our commitment to you, our valued guests.  We care and we will be here for you, providing an escape to the great outdoors, a safe and clean environment, and a holiday to look forward to.  The snow will fly, and Okanagan Champagne Powder will be waiting for you when it’s safe to return to the mountains.

Commitment to Cleanliness

We are open 715am to 515pm, Monday to Friday, please do not hesitate to reach out to us with any questions or concerns or just to say hi, we are here for you.

Big White Transportation

Airport Shuttles

Airport Shuttle Service will be available for the 2021/2022 ski season.  Details to be confirmed.

On Mountain Bus and Shopping Shuttle

To continue to act out of an abundance of caution, we are cancelling the operation of the on-mountain shuttle, and turning the concept and request for public transportation over to the community and appropriate government officials. We believe Big White mountain is now large enough to require seasonal public transportation. The shopping shuttle continues to be a question to our bus supplier and at this time we have not worked out requirements, tentative schedule, or costing, due to the uncertainty of the requirement. We ask that all individuals riding any form of our public transportation maintain social distancing and personal sanitization practices, and standard COVID-19 safety procedures.

Protocols If You Suspect You Have COVID-19

Important Information for You to Know If You Suspect You Have COVID-19

If you are at the resort and exhibiting symptoms related to COVID-19, please consult the BCCDC Self-Assessment Tool here. If you require a medical consultation you can contact our on-mountain clinic, Whitefoot Medical Clinic (250 765 0544). The clinic is located at 5375 Big White Rd and is 2 kilometres or less from anywhere at the resort.

All patients will be registered through the clinic and a virtual appointment will be scheduled. From there, our on-mountain doctor, Dr. Mike Figurski will determine a treatment plan. The clinic will have COVID-19 tests on hand.


In the event you test positive, you will be required to self-isolate until you are contacted by a Provincial public health official for contact tracing purposes.

As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, protocols regarding the health and safety of our guests will change to meet CDC best practices.

Big White Ski Resort Staff Vaccination Policy

Big White Ski Resort staff and volunteers are required to be fully vaccinated. According to BC's Provincial Health Office, a person is considered fully vaccinated after two weeks has passed since their 2nd Health Canada approved vaccine dose. New and existing employees, as well as volunteers, will be required to show record of vaccination to Big White Ski Resort's human resources department.

Suspended Services

Suspended or services under review. Currently as of August 24th, we are following the new provincial guidelines regarding a BC vaccine card. At this time, we can inform you the following:
  • Tot Town Daycare
  • Night skiing – suspended due to lack of staff accommodation for on-mountain operation
  • On-mountain shuttle – suspended and suggested the regional district take it over
  • Shopping shuttle – currently under review
  • Kelowna express bus service – currently under review
  • Kelowna Rockets hockey game trips – currently under review

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