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Barbeque season is here! Time to fire up the grill and stock up on some incredible meat at incredible prices. Here is your opportunity to shop like a chef and access trimmed and ready to cook, restaurant quality meat, fish and seafood.

Customize your order with the peace of mind knowing that Big White Ski Resort Executive Chef, Boddie Macklin-Shaw has professionally trimmed and cut all of the meats available to you in the Shop Like a Chef Program. Our products have been handled to the highest food safety standards with the utmost respect for each individual cut. Items come frozen and sealed in individual vacuum sealed bags to be cooked immediately or stored for a later day. Whether its hand cut, premium 28 day aged steaks or beautifully tender braised short rib, we have got you covered.

It is as simple as selecting items that best suits your taste, place your order online and come to The Woods Restaurant Thursday thru Sunday and pick up your box the next day. 24 hours advanced notice required. Opening July 1st.


Grilled meats
Grilled chicken



Proudly brought to you by… Beretta Farms raises only 100% Canadian cattle, without the use of antibiotics, hormones or steroids. Beretta Farms prides themselves on raising their animals with care, compassion, commitment and sustainability.

Fraser Valley Specialty Poultry raises poultry here in BC with a passion to farm and produce high quality food. Our duck breasts are aged at their facility for 14 days on the bone, resulting in a tender meat with a richer and almost nutty flavor.

Johnston’s Pork is rooted in British Columbia and where they have committed themselves to provide the highest quality and safest food for BC families. They are focused on remaining local and providing products only to BC markets.

Product Cost
Rib Eye Steak
Beretta Farms, aged minimum 28 days
$21 per steak (12oz average)
Beef Tenderloin
Beretta Farms, aged minimum 28 days
6oz – $9.50 per steak
Petite Tender
Butchers Block, aged minimum 28 days
6oz – $6.50 per steak (Applewood Smoke Seasoned)
Stir fry – $3.75 per 200g bag
Prime Rib Roasts
Butchers Block, aged minimum 21 days
$90 per roast (3kg average, bone in)
Dry Age Duck
Fraser Valley Farms, aged for 14 days
$13.50 per breast


Value Add

We have done all the hard work for you with our Boneless Beef Short Rib. They have been seared and braised overnight to create the most tender product. We have then portioned these, and sealed with fantastic sauces. Our short rib can be reheated either by sous vide (in the bag submersed in boiling water), or removed from the bag and heated with the sauce in the oven.

Product Cost
Braised Beef Short Rib (boneless)
Beretta Farms
Red Wine – $20.50/bag (500g average)
Korean BBQ – $12.75/bag (250g average)
Duck Rillette
House made duck confit, blended with Cognac, minced shallot, chopped chives and parsley.
$16.50 per bag
Pork Belly
$4.50 per portion (3oz average)
Lamb Shank
Red wine braised New Zealand lamb shank – Halal
$7.50 per portion (12 oz average)

Red Wine Braised Short Rib is made with a rich beef braising liquid and local BC VQA red wine. Add blanched vegetables such as carrot, potato, onion and parsnip for a beautiful stew.
Korean BBQ transports you across the globe to Asia for an explosion of flavor. Our sweet, and tangy sauce has just a hint of heat that will keep everyone coming back for more.

Duck Rillette, this tasty rustic pâté is great served with toast points or on crackers.

Our pork belly has been brined with aromatics and cedar plank to give an earthy and smokey flavor profile, then slowly braised for six hours.

Beretta Farms
Fraser Valley logo
Ocean wise



Ocean Wise is a program to recognize sustainably harvested seafood, started by the Vancouver Aquarium. The Ocean Wise program helps to ensure that ocean life will be abundant for generations to come.

Product Cost
Ocean Wise Certified
$8 per piece (4oz average)
Prawns (21/25’s)
Ocean Wise Certified
$6 per bag (½ lb. average)
Scallops (10/20's)
Ocean Wise Certified
$15 per bag (½ lb. average)
Ocean Wise Certified
$8.50 per piece (4oz average)


Packaged Options

Chef’s Choice (for 2 persons) $70

2 - 6oz Tenderloin Steaks
2 - Dry Aged Duck Breasts
2 – 6oz Salmon Filets
2 – 5oz Pork Belly

Surf and Turf (for 2 persons) $55

2 – 6oz Smoked Applewood Seasoned Petite Tender
½ lb – 21/25 Prawns
400g – Duck Rillette
2- 250g Korean BBQ Short Rib

Pit Master (for 4 persons) $160

~3kg – Prime Rib Roast, bone in
2 – 12 oz Rib Eye Steaks
2 – 4oz Tenderloin Steaks
4 – 5oz Pork Belly

From the Sea (for 2 persons) $55

½ lb – 10/20 Scallops
2 – 6oz Salmon Filets
2 – 6oz Sablefish Filets
½ lb – 21/25 Prawns

Steak Box (for 2 persons) $60

2 – 12 oz Rib Eye Steaks
2 – 6oz Smoked Applewood Seasoned Petite Tender
2 – 6oz Tenderloin Steaks

Ready, Set, Cook (for 2 persons) $65

1 – 400g Red Wine Braised Short Rib
2 – 5oz Pork Belly
2 – 250g Korean BBQ Short Rib
2 – 200g Marinated Stir Fry Beef



Product Cost
Applewood Smoked BBQ Seasoning
Rich tasting spice, with a touch of molasses and a dash of red pepper heat. This dry rub will bring a warm, sweet character to any dish. Try this on chicken, steaks and roasts.
$2.50 (1oz)
Truffle Salt
Sicilian sea salt infused with dried summer truffles Try this on rib eye steak.
$3 (1oz)
Pink Peppercorn
Aromatic and fruity in flavor with a note of pine. Pink peppercorns are similar to black pepper but impart a distinctively sweet, fragrant quality. Try on dry aged duck breasts.
$3 (1oz)
Roasting rub
Simple yet tasty combination of spices with a hint of cayenne for heat and brown sugar for sweetness. Try on prime rib roast.
$4 (3oz)
Butter is used to enhance the flavors of all foods, and works very well to baste the perfect steak. Place chilled butter medallion on top of resting fish, roasts or steak for a velvety finish.  
Maitre d’Hotel Butter
Origins in French cuisine, prepared with butter, parsley, lemon juice, salt and pepper. Try on beef tenderloin.
$2.50 (2oz)
Spicy Sriracha Butter
Add in some heat with everyone’s all-time favorite hot sauce. Try on salmon filet.
$2.50 (2oz)

It is as simple as selecting items that best suits your taste, place your order online and come down to The Woods Restaurant and pick up your box the next day. 24 hours advanced notice required.

Summer Hours Opening July 1:  Thursday & Friday 12:00pm - 7:00pm, Saturday 11:00am - 7:00pm, Sunday & Holiday Mondays 11:00am - 5:00pm
Pick up: The Woods Restaurant in the village
Email:  f&


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